Senior Front End Software Engineer

We have a strong commitment to building a diverse team. If you’re from a background that’s underrepresented, we’d particularly love to meet you.

About Our Team

At Fringe, we are a relentlessly people-focused, venture backed startup, revolutionizing the way employers care for their people in the benefits space. We’re a supportive, down-to-earth team fully committed to changing benefits forever.

What You Get to Do

As a member of the Fringe product team you will get to help build Fringe products and tech stack, directly impacting users. You will get to dive head first into new features for the product, design and strategize for future products, all while working to handle our scale; at Fringe, you will have an impact!

Some of your responsibilities will include:

    • Building frontend libraries that support product development and best practices
    • Collaborating with product teams, enabling them to be successful in creating high quality user interfaces
    • Supporting other engineers with code reviews and providing meaningful feedback
    • Seeking opportunities to fix performance and developer experience issues
    • Working with senior engineers to prioritize, architect, and build long-term solutions with quantifiable improvements
    • Work closely with other stakeholders, including research, design, and product managers to achieve cross organizational goals

    We’re Looking For

    • You are a skilled front-end developer, with 7+ years of experience and fluency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related web technologies
    • You understand best practices on dynamic content creation and global website deployments into Cloud environments.
    • You have a track record of significant, specific, and self-directed contributions to complex and challenging UX projects. What we're getting at here is "grit" – proof you’re experienced and have learned some lessons along the way.
    • You think beyond just the task at hand to deeply understand the 'why' behind what you are doing.
    • You are passionate about building beautiful and seamless user interfaces. You know how to give users something that is more than just functional – you know how to delight them!
    • You work quickly, with confidence, and without ego. We’re a startup and we run fast and lean – which means every engineer has a high degree of ownership and potential impact. Our engineers have the opportunity (and are expected) to exercise leadership and expertise in their daily work, having strongly held and defensible ideas, and advocating for what they believe is right. But they also need to be eager to hear differing opinions, adept at identifying and evaluating tradeoffs, willing to be proven wrong, and quick to walk through fire to help their fellow teammates.
    • You have a product-focused mindset. You have the passion and ability to contribute to the process of discovering what will delight our clients.
    • You are a creative thinker, not bound by "the way things have always been done". What you know is less important than how well you learn and innovate. We don't need engineers who know all the answers; we need engineers who can invent the answers no one has thought of yet, to the questions yet to be asked.

    Holistic Benefits.

    At Fringe, we care about lifestyle benefits. It’s our entire business! Our desire is to be able to support each and every Fringe employee inside and outside of work. Our benefits include:

    • Competitive salary
    • Employer paid medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • 401k match
    • Unlimited paid time off (2 weeks minimum/year)
    • Paid holidays and parental leave
    • Stock Options so you can participate in our success
    • Your choice of monthly Fringe lifestyle benefits ranging from Doordash, Hulu and Spotify to child care, meal delivery and fitness.

    About Fringe

    We built Fringe to give companies a better way to show love and care to their people. Because we believe it’s the people who really matter.

    Companies exist because of the products and services they offer, but we believe the people within them should come first. At Fringe, this is the way we live.

    Practically this means we hire people who care about their teammates just as much as (if not more than) themselves. We hire people who are genuine, humble, willing to learn, ready to teach, able to adapt, flex, collaborate, celebrate each other, win together and lose together.

    We’re a startup, and that means we must be a courageous group. We solve problems all day, but we also mess up sometimes. We extend grace to each other, and we try again. We aren’t looking for perfect people. We’re looking for people who own their faults, play to their strengths, and have the courage to simply be the same person all the time.

    If that doesn’t sound like your cup of cold brew, no hard feelings. But that’s exactly who we are and what you can expect when you work at Fringe.

    Still interested? We’d love for you to apply.